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Flexi-Grip F350 M

Kód produktu: F350 M

Flexi-Grip F350 M
  • Flexi-Grip F350 M
  • Flexi-Grip F350 M

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Flexi-Grip F350 M

Security wire seal of category „High Security" meeting standard ISO 17712 requirements and suitable for C-TPAT operation.

Seal body of Al alloy guarantee maximal resistance while keeping low weight.

  • Composition - seal core with flat spring of galvanizing steal and unifixed zinc wire (after cutting wire is demange and can´t be sealed again) guarantees safty sealing.
  • Successive numbering. Under bigger purchas own print possible.
  • Versatility mainly chemical industry, ship and car transport etc.
  • Useable lenght is 250 mm, tensile strenght 1250 kg, dimetr of wire is 3,5 mm, area for print is 20 x 16 mm.

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 9 mm
Color: modrá
Printing: standard logo supplier
Packing: 1 krabice = 200 kusů
Numbering: yes - consecutive
Barcode: no
Weight packing: 8,00 kg

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Kód produktu: 100.900

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