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Seal - pull tight seal (165 mm)

Kód produktu: PL70/28/Z

Seal - pull tight seal (165 mm)

od 2,19 Kč bez DPH
od 2,65 Kč vč. DPH

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* ceny bez DPH
do 1000 ks 2,59 Kč
do 2000 ks 2,49 Kč
do 5000 ks 2,29 Kč
do 10000 ks 2,19 Kč

Minimální odběr: 100 kusů

skladem (1.300 kusů)

Cena za 100 ks:
259,00 Kč bez DPH
313,39 Kč vč. DPH

Seal - pull tight seal (165 mm)

Tightening seal with metal blade and round tape about diametr 1,5 mm for easy closure. The seal has versatile application. The seal hase huge range of temperature. The lenght of round tape is 165 mm.

Delivery of seals is possible in different color after agreement. Please inform us which color you demand in your order.

Material: polypropylen with metallics furniture
Packing: 1 balení = 1.000 kusů
Numbering: yes (1x)
Barcode: no

Seal with wire

Kód produktu: PL95DR

Seal with wire


od 3,20 Kč bez DPH
3,87 Kč bez DPH